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We Clicked - Chapter 2.

Authors Note- Ayy lmao. If you havent seen, I uploaded Chapter 1 last night. I stayed up till like 3am finishing chapter 2 then I had my friend read over it and edit any little mistakes. So I decided to upload it now. Enjoy. -Madison

                                        We Clicked- Chapter 2.

After about an hour of deciding on where we all wanted to eat we agreed on just ordering 2 pizzas from Dominos. “Ill pay for one of the pizzas.“ I said pulling my wallet out of my bag. “No its fine, we can pay for the pizzas.“ Jc said smiling. “Well Ill go get a movie from redbox then?” I suggested. “Sure Ill come with if you want.” Connor said standing up from the couch. “Lily are you okay staying here while I go get a movie?” I asked feeling bad for leaving her alone. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. “Yea I’m okay.” She replied. I grabbed my bag and headed to my car with Connor. “Where is the nearest redbox?” I asked Connor knowing he knew the area a lot better than me. He pointed down the road, “There is one over there by a Walmart.” I pulled out and started to drive. Of course it was a dead awkward silence. So naturally like any person would do, I turned on the radio in hopes it would lighten the mood. Hoodie Allen was on and I started to softly hum along to the lyrics of No Faith in Brooklyn. Soon I heard him humming along too. “Do you like Hoodie?” I asked. “Yea he is pretty good.” He said turning his head from the window to look at me. I could only look at him with my peripheral vision due to driving but he didn’t stop looking at me even when the song and conversation about Hoodie Allen had stopped. I felt my cheeks go warm hoping I didn’t have something on my face that he was staring at. “Is there something wrong?” I asked looking over at him for a second. He just smiled and slowly shook his head no then looked forward. “Turn left at the next light.” He instructed. I pulled into the parking lot and got out to chose a movie. “So what genre of movie are you interested in today ms. Mason?” Connor said surveying the options. Ms. Mason? “I’m in the mood for almost anything Mr. Franta. Comedy, Drama, Thriller. Anything.” I said watching as he clicked the screen searching for movies. “Have you seen Insidious 2 yet?” He asked looking over the movie description. “Nope. But I really liked the first one and I heard the second one was really good.” I said putting in my account information. We got the movie and started to head back to the o2l house.

“So when do Sam and Trevor have to go back to their houses?” I asked. “In a few days. “Sam’s mom’s birthday is in 3 days and he wants to be home to celebrate it.” We pulled up to the house when Connor said “Home sweet home.” We walked in and everyone was pilled on the couch playing Mario cart. Kian and Ricky were screaming like crazy because Kian was in first and apparently he cheated and hit the controller out of Ricky’s hand and passed him in the game. After about 20 minutes of watching all the boys and occasionally lily playing the game the door bell rang and Kian screamed out “PIZZAS HERE!!” and ran out of the room to pay the delivery guy.

I sat in the middle of Connor and Kian then next to Kian was Sam and Jc. Ricky got a bunch of blankets and him and Lily laid on the floor to watch the movie and eat pizzas. Insidious 2 was great. There was occasional loud bangs that made me jump which would cause Connor to laugh which just made me blush. Lily had fallen asleep probably 3/4ths of the way through the movie and once I noticed I got so nervous. Because honestly I felt very tired but I couldn’t fall asleep because the boys waking us up and telling us to leave would be hella awkward. For about 15 minutes straight I caught myself dousing off and sleeping for about 4.5 seconds before I woke up and tried to concentrate on the movie. The movie had probably 20 minutes left but I left the room and went up stairs to splash a little water on my face in the bathroom. It was almost 11 and I got little to no sleep the night before due to being nervous about the interviews. Their bathroom was a mess. Clothes were scattered across the floor, typical teenage boy bathroom. I located a clean towel and wiped the water droplets off my face. I opened the door to come face to face with a smiling Connor. “You okay?” He asked. “Yep perfectly fine.” I said giving an over exaggerated smile. “I noticed you falling asleep earlier.” He said as I walked out of the bathroom and down the hallway. “Sage are you okay to drive? Because you seem really really tired.” He asked walking behind me. “Nah I’m just peachy.” I said before going and sitting back on the couch. It was maybe 2 minutes and I was basically dead. I passed out so hard. I literally could not fight the sleep.

I woke up on an empty couch enveloped in a few blankets. I looked on the ground and Lily was still there snuggled up with her own blanket. Quickly I pulled out my phone to check the time, beginning to get really worried. No no no we didn’t fall asleep.. It was 10 in the morning. “Damn.” I said quietly. “Lily wake up.” I said shaking her arm. “We fell asleep.” I said and you could obviously tell I was embarrassed. I was flustered, a little hot, and confused. I mean we just met them yesterday and they allowed us to sleep in their house. Lily only wiggled around on the floor but didn’t wake up. “No lily you need to get up we are still in the o2l house.” I said shaking her arm faster. She quickly opened her eyes and looked around. “WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME UP??” She asked probably louder than she wanted to. “I fell asleep too! I would’ve waken you up, but I was sleeping!” Lily stood up and looked around rubbing her hip from sleeping on the hard ground. “Sage are you awake?” I heard a raspy voiced Connor say as he walked into the room. “Im so sorry we fell asleep!” I said feeling my cheeks, once again, blush due to awkward embarrassment. He shook his head and gave me a half grin, “I had a feeling you would fall asleep. You were way to tired to drive last night and there was no way I was going to wake you up. Its honestly no problem. If you are hungry there is cereal and eggs in the kitchen just help yourself. I’m going to change.” He left the room and instantly Lily explained how we were probably intruding and they didn’t want to be rude. “Lily. Im starting to think that they probably don’t actually mind at all. I mean they are really nice guys. Plus there was no way I could drive last night.” I stated.

I headed up stairs to go to the bathroom but the door was shut. Before I could knock Connor opened the door. He had a pair of sweat pants on, but his bare chest was exposed. My eyes traced up and down his chest admiring his body. He coughed and I quickly looked up to meet his eyes. “Eyes up here.” He said before walking down the hallway and into his room leaving me standing dumbfounded outside the bathroom. I shook my head trying to forget the awkward moment that just took place. I combed out my hair with my fingers and splashed a little water on my face before leaving the bathroom. I walked down the stairs and into the living room where I found Connor folding up one of my blankets I used. I picked up the second blanket and started to fold it too. “You know I could’ve folded that blanket.” I insisted setting one of my folded blankets on the arm of the couch.

Jc and Ricky had woken up and joined us in the kitchen for some breakfast. “Any plans today Jc?” Connor asked taking a sip of his coffee. “Kristina is coming over around 2 and we are just gonna hang out for a while.” Jc said as he poured milk into a cereal bowl. “Sage you girls can hang around for a while if you want. It’s no rush for you girls to leave Maybe we all could go see a movie later tonight if you aren’t busy?” Connor said looking up from his phone. “Sounds like fun! I have to run home and change but maybe we could just meet you at the movies?” I asked. “I actually am having dinner with my parents tonight, I haven’t seen them in about 2 weeks so we are gonna go out for dinner. But Sage you should still go to the movies.” Lily said. I immediately got nervous because I would be alone without Lily. I just shook my head yes and finished off my cereal.

Lily and I left about 20 minutes after breakfast. I dropped her off at her house, which wasn’t that far away from mine. During the car ride she kept saying how cute me and Connor would be together but I just laughed at how small the possibility of me and Connor getting together is. She told me to have lots of fun at the movies.

Once I got home, I took my shower. I basically just spent my entire afternoon picking up my apartment and washing a few dishes. Then as usual, I would walk to Coffee Corner and order my favorite drink and read my book, which is currently The Fault in Our Stars. I did this almost every day unless I was really busy. I left the Coffee Corner and began to walk home when my phone buzzed. It was an unknown number, ‘We’re the Millers at 7:30 you can just meet us at the house. - Mr. Franta’ I saved his number in my phone. I texted him and said okay. It was now 6 so I decided to make a bowl of soup so I wouldn’t be as hungry at the movies. After I finished my soup I changed into my favorite crème skinny jeans and a white tank top with a maroon cardigan since I usually get chilly in the movie theater. My hair is about 5 inches longer than shoulder length and I just recolored it to soft black, which naturally it is a very light brown. I put my hair up in a top knot pulling out a few hairs on the sides to shape my face a little better. I almost never wear makeup but tonight I decided to just add a little blush to make my cheeks just a tad rosier.

I drove to the o2l house and I got there at about 7:20. I knocked on the door and Ricky answered, “Hey!” he said welcoming inside. Everyone was standing in the kitchen including a very pretty girl standing next to Jc, possibly holding his hand but I couldn’t really tell. “Sage, this is Kristina, Kristina, this is Sage.” Jc said introducing us, “You have really pretty hair.” I said trying to be really nice, and not awkward. “Thanks.” She said smiling. I looked around the kitchen and I saw Connor staring at me again. He had a smirk on his face and it was like his eyes were glued on my face. “Well lets go before we miss the movie.” Ricky said leading everyone out of the house. “You can ride in my car with me and Kian if you would like.” Connor said walking next to me. Kian let me sit in the front, which I happily thanked him. The movie theater wasn’t that far away so we got there pretty quick. We stood in line as everyone paid for their tickets, besides Kristina, Jc bought her ticket. Connor nudged me with his arm while we were waiting to pay. “You look really pretty.” He said smiling. “Thanks.” I said feeling my cheeks blush. “2 tickets for We’re the Millers please.” Connor said to the worker. Wait he wasn’t buying my ticket was he? He finished his order and turner around handing me a little ticket. “Here Ms. Sage.” “Connor! I could’ve bought my ticket!” I said feeling bad, I had no clue he was going to do that. He just smiled and walked up to the concessions stand. “Want anything?” He asked surveying the candy selection. “No I’m fine.” I said. Everyone else had already walked into the movie but I didn’t wanna leave Connor by himself so I stayed and waited as he bough skittles and a small Coke. “Ready?” He asked as we walked up to the entrance of the movie. I shook my head yes and followed him inside. We took up most of the row. I sat in the middle of Connor and Sam. I looked down the row to see Jc and Kristina definitely holding hands. I leaned over and whispered into Connors ear, “Are Jc and Kristina dating?” “Very observant. Yes. For about 4 months now but only his closest friends know.” I looked down the row and they were smiling at each other. The movie finally started. It was hilarious. During the movie I noticed Kristina resting her head on Jc’s shoulder, Sam throwing pieces of popcorn at a few people a couple of rows down, and once again Connor staring at me. I leaned over getting really close to him and whispered, “You’re going to have to stop staring at me Mr. Franta.” He just grinned and directed his focus back on the movie.

After the movie was over we walked back out to the cars. When we got back to the house Connor asked to see if I would like to stay longer, but I politely said no. I didn’t wanna end up falling asleep again. So Connor walked me back out to my car. “Thanks for paying for my ticket.” I said slipping into my car and shutting the door. The window was down so I could still talk to him. “It was no problem. Maybe we could hang out again soon? He asked bending down a little farther. “Maybe.” I whispered. “Drive safe.” He said waving as I pulled out of the driveway.

We Clicked - Chapter 1.

Authors Note- Ahh finally Chapter 1 of my new fanfic. Hopefully it is good. Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors. Any feedback would be amazing! Enjoy. -Madison 

                                      We Clicked - Chapter 1.

"@SageMason: Interviewing OurSecondLife today! Should be lots of fun!" I tweet and left to go meet the entire O2L gang at their house. Lucky for me they immediately agreed when I asked to interview them for my magazine called the Click. I started writing the Click senior year with my two best friends. We just wrote stupid articles about our favorite youtubers. We had a small website where people could read and buy our magazine. Lets just say it took about 3 months before someone actually bought one of our issues. After about a year and a half we had interviewed a bunch of small local youtubers and featured them in the magazine. But after high school both my friends had to leave California to go to college. So I was left alone to write everything by myself. I got really stressed because I didn’t realize how much work it was for one person, so I stopped publishing. No one seemed to mind I mean only 10 or 15 people bought our magazine so it wasn’t like a lot of people were effected. I got a job at a coffee shop called Coffee Corner and I moved into a little apartment that was only a few blocks away from my job. I started taking a few college classes to get a degree in Journalism. But after a few months in college I was failing all my classes and I owed so much money to my school. I started working my coffee job part time so I wasn’t making as much money and it sucked. After talking to my mom and telling her how stressed school was making me she told me I should just drop out and do what I loved. I dropped out the next day and got my full time job back at the coffee shop. I started writing little articles every once in a while and I realized that I wanted to live my dream and produce my magazine every month. I got a few friends from my journalism class to help me with the magazine and even though I couldn’t pay them they still wanted to help out. Our readers grew slowly at first until one day at Vidcon I was scrambling around asking youtubers if I could interview them for my magazine but pretty much everyone was busy. I was with my photographer Lily and she suggested that before we leave to see if Alfie Deyes was busy. We searched forever until we finally found him. He agreed to an interview and I went to my apartment and cried. I knew that he would really help with business. So the next day me and Lily met Alfie at Coffee Corner. It was an awful interview I was so unprepared and I feel awful for Alfie to have to deal with an emotional journalist. Lily eventually took Alfie for a small walk around the corner to get a few good photos for him to add in the magazine. I tweeted about interviewing Alfie and he retweeted it. My heart fell and I was so excited. When we published that months issue he tweeted and told everyone to go check it out. Our sales literally doubled from the year before in only one day. We got so much positive feed back. We started to get interviews with a lot of different people like Joey Graceffa, Hannah Hart, and even Bethany Mota. We hired 5 more writers to write about polls we had on our website and different things about social media.

Lily and I pulled up to the o2l house, “You nervous?” Lily asked nudging my arm. “You know I get nervous before any interview..” I told her grabbing my bag from the back seat. “Just stay calm everything will be okay.” We knocked on the door and after a few moments Connor answered. My heart fell, he was so handsome in person. My hands got a little warm and sweaty when Connor stuck his hand out to shake mine. “Um I’m Sage. We talked over the phone yesterday.” I said shaking his hand. His smile was so big, bright, and beautiful I could probably cry. I’m such a weirdo when it comes to youtubers. I don’t fantasize over them, it is just a really big honor to meet someone so big and so popular. I heard Lily cough and I knew that was my cue to introduce her. “Oh and this is my photographer, Lily.” They shook hands and Connor lead us inside.

"Ill be right back, I’m just gonna go get everyone. You can just sit on the couch if you want." Connor said smiling. Honestly one thing I love about everyone we interview is they are so genuinely nice and I feel like that is what makes my magazine good. Connor ran up the stairs and Lily turned to me. "I’m really nervous right now and I don’t know why. I think you are starting to rub off on me." Lily said laughing. I glanced up to the staircase where I heard all 6 boys walking down. My heart started to beat really fast. I stood up to shake every ones hand. "I’m Sage Mason nice to meet you." I said greeting everyone. "What we normally do when we interview a collab is Ill interview one person at a time and Lily, my photographer, will take every ones pictures outside. She will most likely get done with everyone faster than I will. Then once I’m done Lily will take a few group photos then we can get out of your hair." I instructed. "Sounds like a plan." Ricky said smiling. "Kian do you wanna be interviewed first?" I asked hoping my voice wasn’t to shaky. "Of course." We went into the kitchen. Lily started to take the boys outside to take their pictures.

I asked Kian a bunch of questions and jotted his answers down on my notepad. He was so hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing whenever he made a joke. I finished interviews with everyone but Connor and Lily was already done and hanging out with the boys in the living room talking about youtube and magazine stuff. “Hey Connor are you ready to be interviewed?” I asked walking into where everyone was sitting. He nodded yes and followed me into the kitchen. “I’m surprised you aren’t using a computer to type everything out.” Connor said looking down and my small notepad. “Oh I’m so sorry I hope this doesn’t make me look unprepared, I just like writing and I feel like the ticking noise from the keys on a laptop could be distracting..” I honestly felt awkward. “Oh no no no.. I don’t think you look unprepared. Its just you are the first person to give me an interview and not use a laptop.” He was smiling and it honestly calmed me down a little. “Well let’s hop into this interview, shall we?” I said laughing quietly. With every question I asked about youtube and his viewers he just looked so happy. “Do you think youtube changed your life?” I asked. “Oh god yes of course,” he was very quick to answer, “I mean the experiences and support you get out of youtube is crazy. And honestly Youtube is such a huge part of my life and knowing that there are people all around the world that genuinely love my videos just makes me so extremely happy. And meeting my viewers in person is great, they are so lovely and amazing.” He was blushing just a little bit, but he was smiling like crazy. It was just really heart warming to meet someone so passionate about something. “So when should the issue be out?” He asked still smiling. “Our target date is always the 25th but just incase there is a little bit of editing or tweaking our deadline is the 29th.” “So have you been writing the Click your whole life?” I briefly told him my story. He was one of the best listeners I’ve ever met actually. Like even though I’m one of the worst story tellers, you could tell he was actually interested. “Oh what coffee shop did you work at?” He asked. “Coffee Corner on Washington Street.” “Never been there. How good is the coffee?” “Oh the coffee is actually really amazing to be completely honest. And the prices are great! A lot better compared to places like Starbucks.” I said smiling and standing up from my seat. “Sounds great! Maybe Ill check it out soon.” He said nodding.

We walked into where everyone was sitting and talking. Kian and Ricky were arguing over whos turn it was to clean dishes and Trevor was talking to Lily about his singing career. “Hey we are done with the interview so Lily if you want to get a few group shots then I think we will be ready to leave.” I said interrupting the conversations. I glanced out the window and noticed it was way to dark for good pictures. “Wait what time is it?” I asked confused. “Its like 7ish i think.” Sam said looking at his phone. “Oh god I’m so sorry I took so long with the interviews..” I said awkwardly. “No no it is fine! We could set up our camera lights outside and maybe you could get a cool picture of us jumping in the pool or something.” Ricky suggested. “Oh no that would be asking way to much.” Lily said piping in. I gave her a really worried look because we actually really needed a picture for the cover. “No that sounds like fun lets go get our equipment!” Kian said as they all ran up stairs to get their lights. “Well this should be interesting.” I said giving Lily an awkward smile. After about 20 minutes they had all the lights set up and were ready to jump in. “Okay so I have one try to get the perfect shot. So how about 2 on the left side of the pool and then 2 on the right and 2 in the back. On the count of 3 jump in and Ill get the picture of you guys splashing into the pool.” Lily instructed. The boys nodded their heads. “Ready…..1…..2…..3!!!” Lily said snapping her camera as fast as possible trying to get the perfect picture. I heard the boys yell stuff like “Shit that’s cold!” and “Oh my god I’m freezing” as me and Lily reviewed the pictures. Most were blurry but she caught one that was more than perfect. Just as all the boys hit the water. “Perfect!” I screamed and all the shivering boys came over and huddled around us trying to get a look at the picture. Finally everyone grabbed their stuff and went back inside. “Thanks for a great time, and letting us come over and feature you in our magazine, everything came out perfectly! Well, we don’t want to bother you anymore so we are going to leave but thanks again!” Smiling at all the boys, Lily and I waved goodbye and started to walk for the car outside. “That was fun.” Lily said happily. I nodded and started to pull out before Connor ran out the house waving for us to stop. I rolled down my window so we could hear him talking. He quickly jogged up to the car. “Hey so we are gonna go get some food. Would you girls wanna come?” His cheeks were still bright red from being cold. “You sure? Honestly, we don’t want to be a bother?” I asked. He quickly nodded and let out a low laugh. “Of course Im sure. I mean would I come out and ask you to come eat with us if we didn’t actually want you girls to join?” He leaned closer down into the car so he was eye level with me. “Seriously you should come.” He said trying to convince me. “Lily you wanna get something to eat?” I said looking over at her. “Hell ya!”

dear anyone who cares,

it has been 5 months since I last updated my fanfic and I am sorry. Honestly i’m the type of person who really hates when authors start out every chapter with “Sorry I didn’t update I was busy” and that was what I was doing. Also I don’t like fanfics that have lots of switching p.o.vs and i definitely was doing that. The direction I was going with my fanfic doesn’t appeal to me anymore and I think that was why I didn’t feel like ever updating the story. So, I have a completely new story idea and I would really just like to start over. I probably will never ever agree on an update schedule because i’m AWFUL with commitment. Ill be posting the first chapter to my brand new fanfic soon.If you read this thank you and get excited for my new plot because it will be amazing. I’m sorry if you wanted me to finish the last story but I think it was so unoriginal and I hated it the more I wrote it. If anyone has any questions you can just message me and Id love to answer them. thanks! -madison 

Connor Franta Fanfic Ch. 3

Patricia’s P.O.V
Its been about a week since we all went to the movies together and I still had Connor’s jacket. We had plans to go to the carnival tomorrow and I was really nervous because it would just be me and him this time. Connor and I have been texting on and off all week about how our days were and telling each other about ourselves and we were becoming really good friends. I felt my phone vibrate and I realized Kristina had texted me, “Hey what are you gonna wear tomorrow when you and connor are on your date ;)?” she asked me. I laughed at her text and replied with, “Its not a date.. lol but I was just gonna wear some shorts, my pink crop top and some converse. Would that look bad?” “No that would be fine. You should wear your hair up too.” “Thats a good idea. thanks. Im gonna go to bed now but Ill text you tomorrow when I get back from the carnival bye. x :)” I put my phone on my dresser and fell asleep.
•the Next day•
Connors P.O.V
I woke up and decided to text Patricia, “Good morning. :)” my phone buzzed and it was Patricia, “Morning (:” we planned to meet at the carnival around 3 and it was 11:30 so I decided to go for a little jog and then get ready. When I got home it was just before 12 so I took my shower and then hopped onto tumblr for a little while before I had to leave.
Patricia’s P.O.V
I got out of the shower and did my makeup, just some mascara, eyeliner, and a little eye shadow. Nothing too bold. I got dressed and put my hair up in a high ballerina bun. I grabbed connors jacket and left telling my parents I was hanging out with a friend and Ill see them sometime tonight. When I arrived at the carnival I saw Connor standing at the entrance. He looked so cute in his black Vans shirt, khaki shorts, and a pair of toms. When he noticed me walking he waved and I felt my cheeks go red. “Here you go.” I said laughing handing him his jacket. “What’s this?” He asked in such a innocent tone. “Your jacket? i thought you wanted it back?” I asked getting confused. “no i want you to keep it.. i just needed and excuse to hang out with you again.” he said smiling. I laughed slipping his jacket on. “ready to have some fun?” he asked. “of course.” i said as we walked through the front entrance. There were a few rides and some game stands. We decided on a ride that was right in the front, it was just the ride that is shaped like a boat that goes back and forth. Im so scared of heights so i instantly felt my palms start to sweat.
Connors P.O.V
We didnt stand in line that long and when it was our turn to get on I walked straight to the back of the ride to the last seat. When she sat down I could see the scare in her face. “You ready?” I asked laughing. “Just a little nervous cause heights..” She said. “Its not even that high. you will be fine.” I added nudging her side as the ride started. It went back and forth a few times before it started getting higher and faster. I forgot how high it could get when you sat right in the back or in the front. The ride had ended and we both walked out. “How was that?” I asked. “It was scary but I didnt wanna scream that would be embarrassing there were 6 year olds on that ride that didnt think it was scary at all.” she said starting to laugh. We rode a few more rides and then I suggested to go to a game stand where you get three darts and if you pop three balloons you get a prize.
Patricia’s P.O.V
Connor suggested that I go first and then he will get more darts and he would go. I wasnt that bad at darts and I made 2 of the 3 balloons and got a small prize. I picked a little cat and then Connor started throwing his darts and he hit all of them. He got a medium sized bear and handed it to me. “Aw you didn’t have to give it to me.” I said blushing. “No its fine I wanted to give it to you.” He said. “Wanna ride the swing ride?” I asked nodding toward the swings. He said yes and we got in line. We waited in line for about five minutes and then got in our swings. I was in the swing to the side of Connors and before the ride went up we started to crash our swings into each other messing around laughing. As we were messing around i accidentally grabbed Connors hand. “Oops..” I said starting to quickly pull away. “No.” He said starting to grab my hand. “I don’t mind.” The ride started to lift from the ground and the swings were starting to go out and around. I couldn’t stop smiling knowing Connor wanted to hold hands. The ride had ended and we let go as we were lowering to the ground to unbuckle our swings. “That was fun.” He said. Yea I liked it.” I said smiling really big. We walked around for a little bit and got some cotton candy. After playing a bunch of different games it was almost 7 and it was just starting to get dark.
Connors P.O.V
“Want to ride the Ferris wheel?” I asked her. “Sure.” She replied smiling. We got on and started going up stopping as others were getting on. “The sky looks really pretty tonight.” She said looking up at the clouds. “So do you.” I said. She looked at me smiling. I can’t believe I just said that out loud she probably thinks I’m weird now.. “Thank you.” She said. “I’m really glad we came here tonight.” I added. “So am I.” She said smiling. Her smile was so pretty she looked so beautiful today. I couldn’t stop debating on kissing her or not. I almost leaned in for a kiss when our cart had stopped and we had to get out. I just lost my chance I thought looking down on the ground. “It’s getting late I should probably go home. Thank you for a really really great night Connor.” She said as we were walking back to the entrance. She hugged me goodbye and started to walk to her car. I was just about to turn and walk to my car when I saw her talking to a guy. “Oh they are just probably friends” I thought to myself. I started to walk to my car when I heard someone scream “WHO THE HELL WAS THAT GUY YOU WERE HUGGING?” I looked over and saw the guy grabbing Patricia by the shoulders and shaking her. “JUST A FRIEND” I heard her scream back fear in her voice.

Connor Fanfic Ch. 2

Author’s Note- Hey I am SOOOOOOOO sorry that it took me forever to post this second chapter I finally got some motivation and finished it last night. I was gonna post it last night but it was really late when I finished and I didnt know how many people were gonna see it. So enjoy and I am truly sorry I didnt post it when I said I would. :) 

Patricia’s P.O.V
I woke up on Kristina’s couch excited for what the day could bring. It was only 11:30 am. and we planned to meet Connor and Ricky at the movie theater today at 2:00 pm. I sat up on Kristina’s couch and threw one of my pillows at Kristina’s face, where she laid on a different couch across the room. She leaned up on her elbows and stared at me with a pissed expression. I just laughed at her. “Ha ha ha. So hilarious.” Is all she said before getting up and walking over and jumping on me. “Get off lardo!” I said in a mocking tone. She stood up and ran upstairs to change for the day.
I grabbed my bag and walked into the bathroom downstairs. I was so thankful I grabbed more than two outfits for today. I packed a pair of white high wasted shorts, dark shorts, pants (which I don’t intend on wearing), a striped shirt, and a grey polka dotted 3/4 length sleeved shirt with a light pink tank top. I change into my white shorts and the polka dotted shirt because it was one of my favorite outfits, and I wanted to impress Connor.
I walked out of the room and saw Kristina standing by the couch, “You excited for today?” She asked me. “More nervous than excited..” I said as I walked over and packed my bag. “It will be fine. You look gorgeous. We will have a great time!” I smiled and told her thanks. “Hey can we walk over to my house and drop my bag off, then we could meet Connor and Ricky at the movies?” I asked. “Sure lets go!” She replied leading to the door.
As we walked home, I passed the basketball court where I originally saw Connor. I was so nervous.. What if he thought I was fat? What if he thought I was ugly? What if he thinks I’m weird. I shook away the thoughts as we walked to my house.
We arrived at my house around 12:20 and we ran up to my room to finish getting ready by doing our hair and make up. Kristina started curling my hair for me as I started putting my make up on. I didn’t want to put that much on, so I just went with a little mascara and eye liner with some shiny lip gloss. It didn’t take me that long to get my eyelashes to look the way I wanted them to. My hair is naturally curly so it didn’t take Kristina that long to just fix my hair up a little bit. Once I finished getting ready, Kristina started on her make up as I curled her hair for her.

Kristina’s P.O.V
"Patricia you look really pretty!" I said as she began on my hair. She smiled and asked if I was nervous about today too. I guess I wasn’t nervous. I mean Connor and Ricky are really cute, but I don’t think they are my type. "No not really, but neither should you! It’s going to be really fun." She just nodded.
I began applying my makeup. While Patricia curled my hair we made jokes and laughed. We were completely ready around 1:30. Luckily the movie theater wasn’t that far away.

Connors P.O.V
"Hey Ricky, it’s 1:30 we should head to the movies now." I examined myself in the mirror in my room and thought I looked okay. I was just wearing some light tan shorts with a white shirt and my the north face jacket.
Me and Ricky left the house around 1:35. Once we arrived at the Movie theater I saw Kristina and Patricia standing next to the entrance. I waved at them to catch their eye, once they saw us they walked over and greeted us.
"Hey!" I said ready to go see a movie.
"What do you guys wanna see?" Ricky asks.
"How about Ted?" Kristina suggested. We all agree and pay for our tickets, popcorn, and drinks.
When we walked into theater and it was already 3/4ths full of people we chose seats in the higher middle section. (Our seating order was Ricky closest to the isle then Kristina, then Patricia, and then me next to Patricia) We missed some of the previews but it was no big deal. More than half way through the movie the pop was gone and I offered to go with Patricia to get another one. Me and her got up and walked out to the main lobby where the concessions are.
"How are you liking the movie?" I asked her. "It’s really funny." She smiled and ordered another coke. I went to hand the cashier the money but accidentally knocked the pop down and it splashed all over the counter and onto Patricia’s shirt.
"I’m so sorry!" I kept repeating as I handed her napkins to wipe herself off with. "Here" I say as I hand her my North Face jacket. "Thanks." she says as she puts it on and zips it up to hide the wet spot on her shirt. We got another pop and headed back to the movie.

Patricia’s P.O.V
His jacket smells so good. I thought to myself. I’m kinda glad he did spill the pop on me now. When we walked into the movie and up to our seats Kristina whispered to me and asked why I was wearing his jacket, and I just told her I would tell her later after the movie. She smiled and nodded. We finished the rest of the movie laughing. It was really funny. We got up and walked outside and threw away our trash. “Me and Ricky will walk you guys home if you want?” Connor suggested. “Sure” I said feeling my cheeks go warm. We headed home discussing our favorite parts of the movie.
Once we got back to Kristina’s house we said our goodbyes and Connor hugged me. It was the perfect way to end the afternoon. We walked inside and it was about 4:45. I looked down and noticed that I was still wearing Connors jacket. “So Patricia how did you just his jacket?” Kristina asked eyeing me down curiously. I unzipped it and there was a brown stain where the coke had spilled on my shirt. “Is that pop?” She asked. “Yes” I giggled. “He accidentally spilled it on me. It was so cute because he felt so bad. He helped me clean it up and little and offered me his jacket. It smells so good too.” I told her. She just laughed. “Hey can I borrow something to wear to bed tonight?” I asked. “sure” she answered pointing to her closet. Later that night I got a text from Connor, “Hey there. Forgot to get my jacket back from you. Maybe we could hang out soon and I could get it back? :)” I replied with. “I really like that idea. :)” We spent the rest of the night texting each other until he told me he had to cut it short because he had a swim met in the morning I wished him good luck, said goodnight and went to bed with a smile on my face.

Connor Franta Fanfic Ch.1 

Authors Note - I’m new at this so bare with me. I don’t know if anyone is actually going to read this, much less actually enjoy this.. But I’m going to give it a shot!


"Mom are we almost home?" I asked exhausted from our trip back to Minnesota where we live. My dad, mom, brother, and I drove down to California last week for a week long ‘paradise weekend’ . Yea, the weather was nice and the beaches were beautiful, but I was just ready to be back home. "Yea Pat we will be home in about 20 minutes. But you and your brother have to unpack the car and your bags until you go off doing something else." "K." I simply remarked. I didn’t exactly like it when my family called me Pat because my formal name is Patricia and I only like it when my closer friends called me by nickname.
Once we arrived back at our house, my mom and dad grabbed all their luggage and went inside. I went to grab all the trash that was in the car but my brother, Timothy, told me just to grab my bags and go ahead and go inside. I smiled, told him thanks, and grabbed my 3 bags and went inside and straight up to my bedroom. I threw my bags on my bed and went over and opened the curtains and window to let some more light and cool air in. It’s the summer and one if the hottest ones here in Minnesota so my curly blond hair was put up in a messy bun and I had a pair of shorts on and a tank top. I liked to keep it simple, but I looked a mess today. Thank god I had no plans.  I walked over to the mirror above my desk where my laptop and makeup sat and looked at my reflection. I had very low self esteem problems and I hated the way I looked. I am 5’4, My hair never cooperates, I don’t have the nicest of clothes, and I am definitely not the skinniest girl around. I pulled my hair behind my ear and walked over to where my books sat on my dresser.
I only have 1 month left till I have to go back to college, which is 2 hours away so to save money, I live on campus. I picked my books up and put them next to my book bag which sat in front of my closet.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see if anyone texted me lately, and I had a message from my best friend Kristina. “Hey Pat wanna hang out at my house tonight? Haven’t seen you in a while!” Ugh, I thought of course she wants to hang out when I look a hot mess. Oh well, I missed her, so might as well stay over at her house tonight. “Sure, ill be over in an hour or so. :)” I texted her back. I went over to my 3 bags that sat on my bed and unpacked all my clothes and separated the dirty clothes from the ones I didn’t wear over the week. I put 2 clean outfits I had left over back in a bag and grabbed a pair of shorts to sleep in tonight.  I walked out of my room with my bag and walked downstairs to the living room where my mom and dad were watching tv. “Hey I’m going to Kristina’s tonight, ill be back sometime tomorrow.” I told them walking out the door. “Oh okay..” I heard them answer me.
I liked walking to Kristina’s house because it was kinda far away and I had time to exercise this way and get alone time. Kristina lives right next to a park and I hated walking through it because there is always guys playing basketball there and they all gave me weird looks. I looked up at the basketball court and there were only 2 guys there playing, at least it wasn’t 10 guys. As I was walking past the court I saw one of the guys look at me, he was so adorable. He was probably 5’9, short dirtyish blonde hair, and he had the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen. He was wearing a plain white tshirt, a pair of tan shorts, some toms, and a grey beanie. He gave a little half smile and waved at me. I felt myself turn red, so I looked at the ground and continued walking to her house.
Once I got to her front door I just walked inside and up to her room. “Hey Kristina I’m here.” I said as I walked into her room. “Oh hiiii! Don’t you look pretty today.” She told me in a mocking tone. I told her to shut up and walked over and put my bag on her bed. I’ve always been so jealous of Kristina. She was so beautiful, skinny, and she had the nicest clothes. I walked over to her window and opened the curtains, which had a perfect view of the basketball court. “hey, who is that guy over there in the grey beanie?” I asked her pointing to the guy that waved at me. She walked over to the window and giggled, “oh his name is Connor! He lives down the street, but he is usually at his college and you are usually at yours, so that’s probably why you haven’t seen him. Why?” I paused for a minute smiling, “I don’t know. He waved at me when I walked past the court.” She got a even bigger smile on her face. “Let’s go talk to him and his friend!” She said grabbing my hand. Even throughout the house I protested on going and tried to escape her grasp but I realized I had to go talk to him wether I liked it or not.
We got to the basketball court and his friend waved at us and Connor turned around to see us walking up to him. “Hi, my name is Kristina. And this is my friend Patricia.” I stared at the ground the whole time, I was so nervous to even look at him. “Hi, my name is Connor, and this is my friend Ricky. What are you guys up to?” He asked. Kristina nudge me to look up and answer him. “Nothing much, we thought we would come over and say hi.” I said as I looked away from them. “Ah that’s cool. We were just playing basketball, but we were just about to go get something to drink over at Starbucks. Want to come?” Ricky asked us in such a nice tone. Before I could say no, Kristina blurts out that we would love to go. “Cool.” Connor said as he gave me another half smile. I giggled as Ricky and Connor started to lead the way to the Starbucks around the corner. Kristina looked over at me then Connor and winked.

Connors P.O.V
I looked at Ricky and he gave me a thumbs up. I’ve never seen this Patricia girl anywhere around here, but she gorgeous. I feel like she is nervous around me because it seems like she is always avoiding eye contact. But I find that so cute. “So Patricia, where are you from?” I asked her as I turned around to see her face. “Oh I’m from right here in Minnesota.” She said in the most beautiful voice. “I haven’t seen you around at all, why is that?” “I’m usually away at my college, that’s probably why. I’m on break now though, and I go back to school in a month.” She is going to college, so she has ambitions and dreams. I simply smiled at her.
Ricky held the door open for all of us at Starbucks. “We will go chose a seat and you girls go order yourself a drink.” I told Kristina and Patricia as they walked up to the counter. Me and Ricky walked over to a booth next to a big window. “What do you think of Patricia?” I asked Ricky wanting his honest opinion. “She is really beautiful! I can see a connection between you guys Connor. What do you think about her?” I paused for a second not exactly knowing how to answer. “I don’t know.. I think she is gorgeous. And I really want to get to know her more.” I felt my cheeks go warm and I knew Ricky could see me blush. I looked up at the girls ordering and Patricia looked over at me and I saw her cheeks flush red too. I waved at her and she smiled at me. That’s when I realized, I truly do want to get to know this girl a lot better.

Patricia’s P.O.V
Once me and Kristina got our iced coffees we went and sat down at the booth and the boys got up to get their own drinks. “Oh my gosh Pat! Connor seems so nice! I think he might have a crush on you!” I stared at Kristina while she said that trying to process someone so perfect like Connor, actually having some sort of feeling for me. “I don’t know Kristina.. Do you think so?” I asked looking over at Connor then back at Kristina. “I swear Pat, the way he looks at you.. I know we only met them 30 minutes ago.. But I can see something between you guys.” I felt myself go embarrassed again as I looked down at my coffee. Connor and Ricky came back and sat down in the booth. (Connor right next to me and Ricky on the opposite side of Kristina.)
"Hey me and Ricky were thinking, maybe we could all go see a movie tomorrow. What do you think?" Connor remarked looking up at me smiling. "I think that would be really fun." Kristina told them. I just smiled really big and sipped away at my ice coffee. We spent an hour at Starbucks talking about all sorts of things. It was actually getting kind of late and Kristina suggested me and her go back to her house and we would see them tomorrow. I saw disappointment in Connors face as we said goodbye. Before me and Kristina walked out of Starbucks Connor hugged me. I instantly blushed and couldn’t stop smiling. "Bye!" We said once again as we left. We walked back to Kristina’s house and fell asleep after an hour of watching tv. I was so happy that night, and I couldn’t wait to see Connor and Ricky tomorrow.

I hope whoever reads this enjoys it! Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated! Xoxo -Madison.